New Potable Emission Analyzer VG-5005 & VS-8002

2020-05-03 19:23
VISKOR automotive exhaust gas analyzer VG-5005 and Opacity smoke meter VS-8002
VISKOR offers a complete emission testing systems. The viskor range includes changing automobile technology, it is both an antipollution control tool (gas analyzer & smoke meter) and a diagnostic tool.

VISKOR VS-8002 potable opacity smoke meter provides an accurate means of detecting and measuring the smoke opacity in exhaust gases emitted by Diesel engine system.
Exceptionally light weight and compact design makes it easy to obtain accurate measurements. The VS-8002 smoke meter allows to control the test through your computer, display test results graphically The complete system consists of a measurement & control unit, a probe, a probe hose, a built-in printer, a PC program and an instruction manual. Optional accessories: Remote controller, calibration filters, RPM, oil temperature meter

VISKOR VG-5005 is a potable automotive exhaust gas analyzer, 4gas(5gas) stand-alone instrument.
Fully digital infrared gas bench technology provides rapid analysis of a vehicle performance and pollutions. Designed as user friendly analyzer for mandatory vehicle testing and fault diagnosis of Gasoline, LPG and CNG vehicle emissions. VG-5005 comes with a built in printer, a probe, a probe hose, filters, a PC program and an instruction manual.
Optional accessories: RPM meter, an oil temperature sensor.