Project Description

ABS Measuring System


The VIS-Pro is the new modern VISKOR freestanding console desk for ABS test lanes. The VIS-Pro is standard supplied with a PC with Windows and VIS-Pro software, 24” widescreen PC monitor, printer, keyboard, mouse, infra-red remote-control handset, UPS, secondary 27” widescreen monitor with the stand post.
The VIS-Pro is designed as a working desk for the operator to enter customer data, analysis test results, make a printout or transfer data. A parallel display can be connected. Real time values are displayed in parallel to the secondary monitor and can be used by the operator as a read-out unit while testing a vehicle.
All available roller brake testers as well as sideslip meter can be connected to the console to create a test lane exactly adapted to your needs.

Technical Specifications

Model VIS-Pro
Control for Roller brake tester VBT-3T/10T/15T
Speedometer tester VST-3T/10T/15T
Sideslip tester VSS-3T/10T/15T
Component Console, System module, PC, Main monitor, Second monitor, Stand post, printer, keyboard, mouse, UPS, Remote-controller
Display PC Monitor, Second Monitor
Power source 220V / 50-60Hz
Dimensions 600x600x1,500 mm (console)
Weight 100 kg