Project Description

CRDi & Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench


It is combination machine common rail injector test bench and diesel injection pump test bench

Common rail test

  • Testing for injector injection quantity
  • Testing for injection figures
  • Testing for injector injection returns
  • Testing for various high-pressure pump discharge rate (Bosch, Delphi, Denso)
  • Testing for various common rail high pressure input
  • All kinds of common rail simulation testing
  • Injector automatic cleaning during testing (Optional)
  • Injector cleaning during vehicle engine starting (Optional)

Diesel fuel injection pump test

  • The testing bench is an experimental equipment and it is used to repair and remove the defects of injection pump in diesel engine of automotive, marine, etc. It can control all kinds of diesel injection pump.
  • Control test of the injection time
  • Timer angle test
  • Control test of the injection amount
  • Supply pressure and amount test of feed pump
  • Overflow amount test
  • Control test of each part
  • Air boost and pneumatic governor test
  • Rack position adjusting test(Digital rack scale)

Monitor control box

  • Display injection amount and common rail pressure by engine R.P.M

Standard accessories & tools

Refer to the attachment

Technical Specifications

Description  CRDi (Common Rail Injector) Test system

 & Diesel Fuel injection Test Bench

High Pressure pump drive motor AC 220V/380V/3PH/60HZ (control by inverter)
Working pressure 180MPA(1800bar)
Low pressure pump drive motor AC 220V/380V/3PH/60HZ 200W (1/3HP)
Low pressure pump Output pressure  0~7 kg/cm²
Max. output flow 7 ℓ / min
Fuel tank 20 ℓ(working capacity 15 ℓ)
Temperature control 0 ~ 100 ℃
Measuring glass 150 cc (4ea), 32cc (4ea)
Stroke counter auto
Working testing injector 4 cylinders
Engine RPM 600  ~ 4,100 (600,650m,700 …4,100) Digit
High pressure pump RPM 0 ~ 4,000 (4 digit 0 ~9999 rpm indication)
Low pressure analog gauge 100 Ø 6 kg/cm²
Low pressure regulator  0 ~ 6kg/cm²  supply pressure control
High pressure regulator 0 ~ 2000 kg/cm²(2000 bar)  / working pressure 1800bar
High pressure pump output measuring valve
Fuel cooling device 400 x 400 (mm)
Fan for cooling(motor with 40W) 300 x 300 (mm)
Fuel filter for line 30 Microns
Testing time setting timer 0 ~ 60 min.
Dimensions 500x800x1750 mm
Weight 100kg
Description Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench
Drive Motor AC 220-380V/3Ph/ 50-60Hz, 4 pole induction motor(Control by inverter)
Speed range 0 ~3600rpm, in both directions
Pump Motor AC 3ph  0.75 KW (1 HP) 4 pole induction motor
Pump Max output pressure 50kg/㎠ (Working pressure: 25kg/㎠)
Max output flow 7.7ℓ/min Vane pump
Heater AC 220-380V,  1 KW PT 1” tank heater
Speed control Manual / Auto (It can be operated 9 steps in auto mode)
Glass  200cc and 45cc both sides
Stroke Counter 0, 100, 200 ~ 1,000 / 0, 150, 250… 1,050 turns
RPM Counter 4 digit 7 segment LED display (0-9999 rpm indication)
VM.VE(Rotary)Fuel control valve 0 – 2kg/㎠ supply pressure control
LOW(PE. In-line)Fuel control valve 0 – 6kg/㎠ supply pressure control
PE-A (In-line) pressure gauge  Ø 100 x 6 kg /㎠
VM. VE(Rotary) pressure gauge  Ø 60 x 2 kg /㎠
Transfer pressure gauge Ø 100 x 15 kg/㎠
Overflow pressure gauge Ø 60 x 2 kg /㎠
High pressure gauge  Ø 60 x 50 kg/㎠
Governor pressure gauge  -760 mmHG ~ 1100 mmHG (Digital type)
Vacuum Regulator & Air Regulator (1 set) For Vacuum Regulator: -760mm Hg ( *1Bar= 0.999 kg/cm2=14.22 psi)
For air regulator: 0 ~ 1500 mmHg
Air compressor Motor capacity  AC 220/380V  3ph 0.37kw(1/2HP)
Compressor 1HP
Air tank Capacity 40 ℓ
Pressure switch 10 kg/㎠
Rack Scale 0 ~ 50mm with 0.05 mm
Dimensions (mm) 1,690 x 950 x 1,660 mm
Weight 1100kg