Project Description

Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench


  • Three ranges of pressure regulator, 0~2kg/㎠ and 0~6kg/㎠, 0~50kg/㎠ will provide more accurate pressure regulation.
  • The solenoid coil of rotary type pump can be driven through the power supply of DC 12/24V inside of the test bench.
  • The driving shaft and the driven shaft are connected with a clutch. while the driving motor keeps a certain speed, subsidiary action for test or maintenance  can be done through clutch’s ON-OFF function.
  • The electrical breaker protects electric overload automatically.
  • The fluorescent lamp behind the injector mount will give clear and accurate measurements of measuring cylinders.
  • Injection pump mounting brackets consist of a plain bracket and a ring bracket.
  • But any kind of injection pump can be attached through the combination of packing pieces and mounting ring.

Technical Specifications

Model VDT-300
Drive Motor AC 220-380V/3Ph/ 50-60Hz, 4 pole induction motor(Control by inverter)
11KW (15 HP) 12 cylinders : VDT-300(15HP), 7.5Kw ( 10HP) 10 cylinders : VDT-300(10HP)
5.5Kw ( 7.5 HP) 8 cylinders : VDT-300(7.5HP)
Speed range 0 ~3,600rpm, in both directions
Pump Motor AC 3ph 0.75 KW (1 HP) 4 pole induction motor
Pump Max output pressure 50kg/㎠(Working pressure: 25kg/㎠)
Max output flow 7.7ℓ/min Vane pump
Fuel Tank 45 liters working capacity
Temperature control Variable from 0 ~ 100˚C
Heater AC 220-380V, 1 KW PT 1” tank heater
Speed control Manual / Auto (It can be operated 9 steps in auto mode)
Glass 200cc and 45cc both sides
Stroke Counter 0, 100, 200 ~ 1,000 / 50, 150, 250… 1,050 turns
RPM Counter 4digit 7 segment LED display (0-9999 rpm indication)
VM.VE(Rotary)Fuel control valve 0 – 2kg/㎠ supply pressure control
LOW(PE. In-line)Fuel control valve 0 – 6kg/㎠ supply pressure control
PE-A (In-line) pressure Gauge Ø 100 x 6 kg /㎠
VM. VE(Rotary) pressure gauge Ø 60 x 2 kg /㎠
Transfer pressure gauge Ø 100 x 15 kg /㎠
Overflow pressure gauge Ø 60 x 2 kg /㎠
High pressure gauge Ø 60 x 50 kg /㎠
Governor pressure gauge -760 mmHG ~ 1100 mmHG (Digital type)
Vacuum Regulator & Air Regulator (1 set) For Vacuum Regulator: -760mm Hg (*1Bar= 0.999 kg/cm2=14.22 psi)
For air regulator: 0 ~ 1500 mmHg
Air compressor Motor capacity AC 220/380V 3ph 0.37kw(1/2HP)
Compressor 1HP
Air tank Capacity 40 ℓ
Pressure switch 10 kg/㎠
Rack Scale 0 ~ 50mm with 0.05 mm
Packing Dimension 1,690 x 950 x1,660
Net weight 1,000kg