Project Description

  • viskor hydraulic Four post lift VFL-4T
  • VISKOR_Four post lift drawing
  • VISKOR_Four post lift drawing

Four Post Lift


VISKOR four post lifts make even the heaviest lifting jobs look easy. Newly engineered and built to last their new upgrades increase safety, durability and productivity. The VFL has a generous 4,000kg lifting capacity and features extra wide platform to accommodate a larger array of vehicle. This dependable lift brings a higher level of service to any garage or shop.

  • Fixed platform for safety
  • High voltage module cable and lifting cable
  • Emergency situation enabling emergency release
  • Automatic spring-driven eccentric brake system
  • Complete electronic locker and double safety device
  • Platform integrated terminal plate
  • Applied orifice to cylinders
  • Range expression 2-stage jack available
  • Jack-operated switch operation on the driving platform (convenient to operate when working underneath)
  • With wired remote
  • Electric shut-off rotary ON / OFF switch and emergency stop switch
  • Platform 4.5m
  • Wheel alignment (optional)

Technical Specifications

Model VFL-4T
Load capacity 4,000 kg
Platform length 4.,510 mm
Lifting height 1,750 mm
Min. height 180 mm
Lifting speed 40-60 sec. / Jack 5-15 sec.
Motor 3PH, 2HP x 4P

1PH, 2.5HP x4P

Voltage 220V/380V, 50/60Hz
Control device Control panel & wire remote controller
Dimension 5,859 x 3,406 x 2,216 mm