Project Description

  • VISKOR_Opacity diesel smoke meter_VS-8002
  • viskor diesel smoke meter ECM-801_standard accessories

Opacity Smoke Meter


New Potable opacity smoke meter ECM-801

  • Real-time smoke measurement (%, k [m-1])
  • Large LED display
  • Outstanding accuracy, stability and durability
  • Response time of 0.5 second
  • Easy to use with handheld terminal (option)
  • Built-in printer (option)
  • PC program
  • RPM/ Oil temp. meter  (option)
  • Auto-Zero calibration function

Technical Specifications

Model Opacity Smoke Meter ECM-801
Measurement items Smoke concentration (Opacity), absorption coefficient(K-value)
Measurement method Partial flow sampling method / Light transmission type
Photoelectric element Green LED (565nm)
Detector Photodiode
Tube Length / ID Length: 215mm (± 0.5mm), ID.: 21mm
Measuring range Opacity: 0% – 100%, K-value: 0.00 – 16.07m-1 
Resolution 0.1% / 0.01m-1
Accuracy ±1%
Response time 0.5 sec (90%)
RPM 0-8000rpm
Resolution 10rpm
Oil temperature 0 ~ 150°C
Resolution 1°C
Display 4digit 16 Segments
Measurement speed/ display speed 50 times/sec.  4 times/sec
Filter Bezel low pass digital filter (0.5 second)
Preheating time Within 5 minutes
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 40°C
Power supply AC 220V 50/60Hz
Option Internal printer, wired remote controller, wireless application for mobile phone, RPM meter & Oil temperature meter, Standard filters