Project Description

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Opacity Smoke Meter


Potable opacity smoke meter VS-8002 stands out due to limited weight and exceptionally compact design. Approved and accurate, it analyses exhaust smoke emissions from diesel combustion engines.

  • Compact design and light weight
  • Short warm-up time, quick measurement readiness
  • Time-saving and easy testing of opacity using the partial flow method with free acceleration
  • Real-time smoke measurement(%, k [m-1])
  • LED display
  • RS232 PC program
  • Response time of 0.5 second
  • Smoke, SOF measurement
  • Easy to use with handheld terminal(optional)
  • Built-in printer(optional)
  • RPM meter & Oil temperature meter(optional)
  • Auto-Zero/ Span calibration function

Technical Specifications

Model VS-8002
Measuring items Smoke opacity ( %, k [m-1] ) RPM (optional), Oil temperature (optional)
Principle Light extinction method (Partial-flow sampling type)
Light source Green LED(565nm)
Detector Photodiode
Length/Diameter (cell) Length: 215 mm(±0.5 mm) / Diameter 21 mm
Measuring range 0.0 – 99.9% (K: 0 – 9.99 m )
Accuracy 0.10%
Warm-up time within 5 minutes
Response time <0.5±0.015 sec.
Power AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Temperature -10~40℃
Dimension 260(W) x 390(D) x 300(H) mm
Weight (Net/Gross) 5.6kg / 10kg
Option RPM meter, Oil temperature meter, Handheld terminal, Built-in printer, Standard filter, PC program