Project Description

  • viskor r134a r1234yf air conditioning service unit VAC-1500
  • viskor Air conditioning service machine side view
  • viskor Air conditioning r-134a service machine side view
  • viskor Air conditioning service machine back side
  • viskor air conditioning service machine vac-1500yf-coupler

Air Conditioning Recharge Machine


VISKOR VAC-1500YF delivers reliable workshop service and supports a healthy environment. The technologically advanced machine ensures easy, time-saving and precise service on modern R-1234yf air conditioning systems.

VAC-1500YF automatically controls every phase of maintenance, including oil and refrigerant recovery, recycling and refilling. However the manual mode allows the user to control all functions.

The powerful vacuum pump of VAC-1500 assures quick and effective evacuation of the system. It comes with equipped with a database to provide the necessary oil and refrigerant quantities for the vehicle’s air conditioner.

  • Fully automatic service process or single service process selectable
  • Support vehicle specifications through USB port
  • High quality visual pressure gauges
  • Advanced LCD display
  • High-temperature high-pressure recovery compressor
  • Powerful flushing program
  • Auto discharge of Non-condensable gas
  • Self diagnosis
  • Visual & Audible alarm when service is completed.
  • Optional printer for capturing and retaining vehicle service data
  • Available for Hybrid cars

Technical Specifications

Description R-1234yf A/C Recovery & Recharging machine
Model VAC-1500YF
Refrigerant R-1234yf
Tank capacity 25L
Vacuum pump 5.5CFM / 60Hz
Recovery speed 400g/min
Charging speed 2,000g/min  ± 2%
Recovery efficiency 95% – 99%
Service time 5min(500g)  – Excluding vacuum time
Port access USB
Controller Microprocessor
Filter 33sq,In
Oil bottle 3 oil bottles
Sensor, S/W Pressure sensor, Loadcell
Load cell 10g/ 100kg
Display Graphics LCD
Compressor AC220V, 1/3HP
Pressure gauge 100mm x 2ea, 60mm x 1ea
Solenoid valve High pressure refrigerant
Operation temperature 10°C- 45°C
Dimension 510 x 630 x 1,100 mm
Power AC220V, 50/60Hz
Weight 95kg
Options Printer, Compression test, Refrigerant identifier