Project Description

R-134a Air Conditioning Service Machine


  • Refrigerant: R-134a
  • Time saving performance thanks to the high quality vacuum pump
  • Flushing function for rapid discharge of used coolant
  • Fully automatic mode & Manual mode
  • Using modular block
  • Non-condensable gases discharge
  • Leak test
  • Excellent display for fast operation
  • All-in-one heat exchanger
  • New car specifications can be entered

Technical Specifications

Description R-134a A/C Service Machine
Model UAC-9000
Refrigerant R-134a
Control Micro controller
Display LCD
Keyboard Membrane
Pressure Gauge 100mm x 2ea
Solenoid High pressure refrigerant only
Condenser Dual type
Filter dryer 35SQ.In
Loadcell 10g / 60kg
Compressor 220V 50-60Hz
Vacuum pump 220V 50-60Hz, 3.0A
Tank Capacity 10kg / Max 13kg
Power AC 220V, 50-60Hz
Weight 107kg
Dimensions 680 x 710 x 1097 mm