Project Description

Scissor Lift For Wheel Alignment


  • Compatible with All Alignment System on the market (Infrared rays, CCD, 3D)
  • Lockable covered rear slip plates (improved safety with H-beam structure)
  • Lattice type P.O.M bearing structure for accurate alignment
  • Accurate lock gear automatically engage when lift is raised
  • 6 hydraulic cylinder synchronization for maximum power & stability
  • Easy to adjust balance with synchronization valves
  • Individual control switch on each rolling jack
  • Cable remote control included

Technical Specifications

Model VSL-4T
Load capacity 4,000kg
Platform length 4,500 mm
Lifting height 1,856mm (350 mm)
Min. height 195 mm
Lifting speed 40-60 sec. / Jack 5-15 sec.
Motor 3PH, 3HP x 4P
Voltage 220V/380V, 50/60Hz