Project Description

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  • VISKOR_Two Post Lift drawing

Two Post Lift


With a hefty 4 ton lifting capacity, our symmetrical VTL-4T is a popular choice with workshops regularly working on small to medium sized commercial vehicles, and who require more free space.

An overhead brace connects the two posts providing strong rigid support and the balance cables also ensure perfect synchronization between the carriages, whatever the load distribution.

Upper limit protection bar-A limit bar prevents the vehicle from being lifted too high. This feature effectively protects taller vehicles from being damaged

Cable adjustment-Correct adjustment ensures synchronization of both carriages.

Operation of ram type cylinder-Two industrial ram type cylinders ensure reliability and longevity.

Powerful arm lock gear-At the bottom position the gears are unlocked to allow arm adjustment. When the lift is raised the gears are automatically locked ensuring complete safety.

Door protection rubber-Vehicle door protect during working.

Safety locker-Safety locker system.

  • Top brace security stop bar
  • Symmetrical post arrangement for extra working space
  • Low, three stage lifting arms
  • Arms can be used with quick drop-in height extensions
  • Adjustable screw pads (min. height 95mm)
  • Automatic arm locking mechanism
  • Automatic hydraulic safety check valve
  • Additional mechanical lock safety system
  • Dead man controls

Technical Specifications

Model VTL-4T
Load capacity 4,000kg
Lifting height 1,890-1,930 mm
Min. height 190 mm
Lifting speed 40-50 sec
Motor 3PH, 2HP x 4P
Voltage 220V/380V, 50/60Hz
Control device
Control panel & wire remote controller
Dimension 2,832 x 7,751 x 3,442 mm